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Guests pick up zones A & B

On our wedding day all guests are asked to catch the guest bus from either pick up zones A or B. It is important you remember which pick up zone you were picked up from. At the end of reception, we ask guests to catch the same bus which dropped you off. Buses will be labelled either Zone A or Zone B.

If there are extenuating circumstances for driving your own vehicle to the venue, please ensure you have approval from the Bride and Groom prior to the wedding day as the venue has limited spaces and have advised they will turn away private vehicles not pre-registered on the day.

Bus Pick up zones A and B.png

Pick up points in  Zone A

1:15 PM - A1 - Mantra Club Croc - 240 Shute Harbour Road, Cannonvale

1:20 PM - A2 - Bush Village - 2 St Martins Lane, Cannonvale

1:25 PM - A3 - Whitsunday Marine Club - 7 Altman Ave, Cannonvale

Pick up points in  Zone B

1:15 PM - B1 - Club Wyndham - 9A Hermitage Drive, Airlie Beach

B2 - TBC

B3 - TBC

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